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Bioenvision Ltd Withdraws Its Application For An Extension Of Indication For Evoltra (clofarabine) - Europe

The European Medicines Agency (EMEA) has been formally notified by Bioenvision Ltd, a whollyowned subsidiary of Genzyme Corporation, of its decision to withdraw its application for an extensiono

Heparin Investigation - Latest Baxter Update

Baxter is providing an update on severaladvances related to the investigation into recent heparin adverse reactionsassociated with the company's U.S. vial-based heparin products, which havesinc

Combined Factors May Change Biology Of Stress-Response System As It Develops

A traumatic event is much more likely to result in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in adults who experienced trauma in childhood - but certain gene variations raise the risk considerably if t

How Is H Pylori Adhesion To Gastric Cells Associated With MUC1 Mucin VNTR Size?

The Gram negative bacterium H pylori is involved in the pathogenesis of several gastrointestinal diseases, ultimately leading to gastric carcinoma. Adhesion of the bacteria to the gastric mucosa i

Ethical Issues In Neuroscience The Focus Of New Journal Published By Springer

Springer will begin publishing a new peer-reviewed journal, Neuroethics, in March 2008. Appearing three times a year, it will provide a forum for interdisciplinary studies in neuroethics an

$5 Million Initiative To Enhance Care For Adults With Cystic Fibrosis

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has announced the launch of a new $5 million initiative to enhance care for the growing adult CF population. The initiative, called the Program for Adult Care Excell

1 In 6 Women, 1 In 10 Men At Risk For Alzheimer's Disease In Their Lifetime

Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) have estimated that one in six women are at risk for developing Alzheimer's disease (AD) in their lifetime, while the risk for men is o

New Book Addresses School Violence And Its Prevention

By the time a child enters third grade, it may be too late to change behavioral issues that could lead to more serious problems later in life, including violent and aggressive behavior. A Universi

Income, Race Are Factors Influencing Whether Diabetics Properly Manage Condition, Study Finds

Black and Hispanic adults with diabetes, as well as those with lower incomes, are less likely than whites or those with higher incomes to monitor their blood glucose levels, according to a study

Rwandan Religious Leaders Receive HIV Tests To Help Fight Stigma Associated With Virus

Fifty religious leaders from across Rwanda gathered last weekend in the city of Nyandungu to publicly receive HIV tests in an effort to fight the stigma associated with the virus, Rwanda's

10 Million US Baby Boomers Will Have Alzheimer's, Report

A new report released today by the Alzheimer's Association suggests that 10 million American baby boomers, that is one in every eight, will develop Alzheimer's in their lifetime. The report also

UK Doctorate Course Kick-starts Swiss Nurse Practitioner Training

An innovative doctorate-level course offered by a UK university has helped kick-start the development of nurse practitioner training in Switzerland. Chris Gut, who manages a department o

AtriCure's Coolrail(TM) Linear Ablation Pen Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance

AtriCure, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATRC), a medical device company and leader in cardiac surgical ablation systems, announced that its Coolrail(TM) linear ablation pen received 510(k) clearance from the

Affiris Uses Definiens Technology In Fight Against Alzheimer's Disease

Affiris GmbHannounced today that it will integrate the Definiens Enterprise ImageIntelligence (TM) Suite in the company's Alzheimer's disease vaccinationprogram. The decision was based on the c

Oramed Pharmaceuticals Granted Approval To Conduct Phase 2A Trials Of Its Oral Insulin Capsule

Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. has been granted approval by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) committee of Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem to conduct a Phase 2A study of its oral insulin

Doctors Should Ask About Cocaine Use When Younger Patients Present With Chest Pains

In a bid to improve management of patients who present with chest pain and other heart attack symptoms, the American Heart Association (AHA) has issued a scientific statement recommending doctor

Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Display An Anti-Inflammatory Response To The Vegan Diet

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients who eat a gluten-free vegan diet could be better protected against heart attacks and stroke. RA is a major risk factor for these cardiovascular diseases, but a g

Growth Hormone Does Not Enhance Performance

A new study by researchers in the US found that contrary to what many people may assume, scientific evidence does not support claims that human growth hormone (HGH) increases strength or athleti

Rx For High Drug Prices - New Book Presents A Solution

The mounting U.S. drug price crisis can be contained and eventually reversed by separating drug discovery from drug marketing and by establishing a non-profit company to oversee funding for new

Ardea Biosciences Reports Positive Phase 2a Results For Lead HIV Candidate, RDEA806, Demonstrating Up To 2.0 Log Reduction In Plasma Viral Load

Ardea Biosciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: RDEA) announced positive preliminary results from its ongoing Phase 2a proof-of-concept study of RDEA806, its novel investigational non-nucleoside reverse trans

Precision Dynamics Corporation "Partner In Patient Safety" Campaign To Award $10,000 In Products For Top Hospital Success Story

Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC), the leading identification wristband company, announced today that it is teaming with Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare to award hospitals that are t

New Insight Into Microbial Activities Provided By Bioinformatics Technology Developed At Argonne

Scientists may gain a new insight into the relationship between viruses and their environments thanks to a new computational technology developed by researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's

Increased Risk For Eating Disorders Found In Adolescent Girls With ADHD

Girls with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder stand a substantially greater risk of developing eating disorders in adolescence than girls without ADHD, a new study has found.Adole

£3million Award Towards The Improvement Of Osteoporosis Services, UK

The Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, along with the National Osteoporosis Society and have awarded almost £3million to 13 NHS Trusts across England and Wales to improve osteoporosis services.

$4M Grant To Study Effects Of Chronic Marijuana Use Won By Scripps Research Team

I'm really excited about the opportunity that this grant offers, says Mason. It's time to get some clarity on how cannabis use impacts cognitive function, induces withdrawal symptoms, and affec

Statement By The US First Lady In A Discussion At The Mexican Association Against Breast Cancer

Well, it is really important to have the mobile mammography units as well. I know in rural parts of our state, in Texas and Arizona and those states that have very remote and rural communities wi

SEC Must Approve Automakers' Accounting Methods Before VEBA Can Take Effect

The Securities and Exchange Commission must approve General Motors' and

Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report Highlights Recent Medicare Development

Summaries of recent news about Medicare developments related to coverage of heart scans, durable medical equipment and sleep apnea appear below.Heart scans: The

External Validation Of IMP3 Expression As An Independent Prognostic Marker For Metastatic Progression And Death For Patients With Renal Carcinona - This trial was a validation of IMP3 as marker for the aggressiveness of renal cell carcinoma. It confirmed that IMP3 positivity can predict increased metastasis and decreased survi

Frequency And Distribution Of Multiple Diagnoses In Chronic Pelvic Pain Related To Previous Abuse Or Drug-Seeking Behavior - Majority of Pelvic Pain Patients Have More Than One Pain Generating DiagnosisChronic pelvic pain afflicts up to 10% of women and results in billions of dollars in direct an

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