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Cerebral Malaria: A New Look Inside The Brain

Cerebral malaria (CM), which kills over 3 million individuals a year, is caused by infection with Plasmodium falciparum. One of the main causes of disease symptoms is the adherence of blood cells

Exchange Of Signals Between 2 Types Of Skin Cells May Provide A New Understanding Of How Stem Cells Differentiate And A Better Understanding Of Hair L

Genes, it turns out, are only as active as the signals that turn them on and off. Now scientists from Rockefeller University and the Howard Hughes Institute have identified the signaling molecule

Blood Pressure Drug May Have Added Benefit

University of Kentucky researchers have discovered a possible added benefit of a novel new drug that lowers blood pressure.Dr. Lisa Cassis and Dr. Alan Daugherty found in animal studies

European Sexual Awareness Campaign 2008 "Sexual Health: Do We Europeans Care?"

Did you know that common health problems can be associated with your sex life? Diabetes, depression and hypertension are just some of these. All recent data prove that a healthy sex life

Treatment Of Severely Ill Patients Questioned

Doctors do not think like the general public when it comes to making decisions about how to treat - or not treat - severely ill patients. According to research published in the open access journal

Advanced Prostate Cancer Can Be Predicted By PSA Testing

A single prostate specific antigen (PSA) test taken before the age of 50 can be used to predict advanced prostate cancer in men up to 25 years in advance of a diagnosis, according to a new study p

Does Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Hold Promise For Treating Eating Disorders? Harvard Medical School Reaction

The January 19, 2008 article Is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation a new Treatment of Bulimia Nervosa?

Cold Tolerance And Metabolic Syndrome Linked

Researchers from the University of Chicago have discovered that many of the genetic variations that have enabled human populations to tolerate colder climates may also affect their susceptibility

Procedure Developed At Yale Creates New Bone In Minimally Invasive Procedure

A new technique that combines bone marrow removal and injection of a hormone helps promote rapid formation of new bone at targeted locations in the body, it was reported by Yale School of Medicine

Bausch & Lomb's Generosity Is Saving Sight In Africa

Leading global eye care company Bausch and Lomb has donated over 9,500 intraocular lenses (IOL's) to Sightsavers International to support its work to prevent and cure blindness in developing count

ADVANCE Study - No Increased Risk Of Death As Reported By Recent US Trial (ACCORD)

Interim results from the ADVANCE Study, involving 11,140 high-risk patients with type 2 diabetes, provide no evidence of an increased risk of death among those patients receiving intensive treatme

Cancer's Genetic 'Support Network' Defined

Researchers at Duke University's Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy (IGSP) have developed a new method that essentially does for the genetic pathways underlying cancer what social networking w

Prostate Cancer Biopsy More Useful That Previously Thought

A new Fox Chase Cancer Center study suggests a biopsy reveals more important information about a man's prostate cancer than previously understood. Doctors hope the new findings will help them tail

Corporate Benefits Of First Aid Research By The British Red Cross

New research carried out by the British Red Cross shows the benefits to both employers and employees of attending a first aid course. These range from increased confidence in working life to perso

New Opinions Are Ignored When People Feel Powerful, Study Finds

Don't bother trying to persuade your boss of a new idea while he's feeling the power of his position - new research suggests he's not listening to you.Powerful people have confidence in

Keeping Active Whilst Aging Curbs Health Care Costs

Group Health seniors are not only sweating to the oldies in local health clubs. They are also keeping health care costs down, according to a study by researchers at Group Health and the University

Nearly 1 In 3 Women Have Babies By C-Section, USA

The proportion of American women having their babies delivered by C-section jumped to nearly one in three in 2005, according to the latest News and Numbers from the Agency for Healthcare Research

Ghana AIDS Commission Creates Strategic Framework To Mobilize, Expand National HIV/AIDS Response

The Ghana AIDS Commission has created a strategic framework that aims to mobilize and expand the response to HIV/AIDS in the c

Vermont Health Department Releases Guidelines On Routine HIV Testing Among Pregnant Women

The Vermont Department of Health on Tuesday released guidelines recommending that all pregnant women in the state be screened for HIV as part

New York City Health Department Unveils New Official Condom As Part Of HIV Prevention Efforts

New York City health officials on Wednesday unveiled the city's new official condom as part of the New York City Departmen

Maryland Facing 40% Decrease In Federal Funding For HIV/AIDS Surveillance Activities

Maryland this year will face a 40% decrease in federal funding for HIV/AIDS surveillance activities, the state's AIDS Administration

President Bush To Promote HIV/AIDS, Malaria Initiatives During Upcoming Trip To Africa

President Bush and first lady Laura Bush on Friday are scheduled to leave for a five-country tour of Africa in part to highlight programs funded by the

NEJM Perspective Explores Presidential Candidates' Focus On Preventive Measures; Study Examines State Expansion Efforts;

Does Preventive Care Save Money? Health Economics and the Presidential Candidates,

Utah Gov. Huntsman Willing To Impose Mandates If Insurers Do Not Offer More Affordable Plans

In an interview on Tuesday, Utah Gov. John Huntsman (R) said that if health insurers do not offer plans that more state residents can afford by the end of the year, he will consider implementing

Patients Feel Immediately Better After Kiser Procedure For Atrial Fibrillation

Open-chest surgery didn't sound appealing to Jon Woods, 65, who lives near Carthage, so he waited more than a year until the heart procedure he needed could be done in a less invasive way.

Massachusetts Commonwealth Choice Premiums Could Increase By 5%

Premiums for Massachusetts' nonsubsidized Commonwealth Choice health plans are expected to i

USA Today Examines Confidentiality Agreements, Patient Counseling In Series On Medication Errors

USA Today on Thursday featured two articles in a series on issues related to medication errors. Summaries appear below.

New Studies Examining Role Of Cultural Competency In Health Care Disparities

A growing amount of research is examining whether small cultural differences play a significant role in health care disparities across the U.S.,

Deaf Patients Hear Sounds With Unique Device - "Bionic Ear" Processes Sound Directly Through Brain

Children laughing, a barking dog, a screaming siren - these are sounds most of us take for granted. For people who are deaf, they are noises they only wish they could hear. Now, for some who hav

Cost Of Government Benefits To Seniors Grows, Driven By Health Cost Increases, USA Today Analysis Finds

The cost of government-sponsored benefits for U.S. adults ages 65 and older increased to $27,289 in 2007 -- a 24% increase over the inflation rate since 2000, according to a

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