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Impact Of Fractionated Irradiation On Tumor Microenvironment In Human Squamous Cells Carcinomas (hSCC) In Nude Mice

Evidence shows that pre-treatment tumour hypoxia correlates with poor radiotherapy outcome. Using an hypoxia marker, pimonidazole, it has been shown that biochemical hypoxia in tumours before trea

Caveolin-1 Contributes To Regulation Of Radiation Survival Via The B1 Integrin/AKT Signaling Axis

The integral membrane protein Caveolin-1 forms small invaginations of the plasma membrane, so-called caveolae, for serving in endo-exocytosis and is involved in regulating signaling from integrins

National Survey Reveals Impact Of ADHD In Adults

Adults diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) say that having ADHD significantly impacts their ability to focus at work, as well as their responsibilities at home and their

'Friendly' Bacteria Protect Against Type 1 Diabetes, Yale Researchers Find

In a dramatic illustration of the potential for microbes to prevent disease, researchers at Yale University and the University of Chicago showed that mice exposed to common stomach bacteria were p

Editorial: Where's The Data? Association Of Faculties Of Medicine Of Canada

Healthcare still ranks high as a priority area of concern for most Canadians. An estimated 5 million Canadians are without a family doctor and virtually every Canadian has experienced, either dire

Botox' Unprecedented Success Spurs Competition

Since Allergan received FDA approval in 2002 to market Botox as a facial rejuvenation procedure, the product has become the second most-recognized pharmaceutical brand in the U.S. Allergan h

Opexa Announces Top-Line Results From Phase IIb Clinical Trial Of Tovaxin(R) For The Treatment Of Multiple Sclerosis

Opexa Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:OPXA), a company dedicated to the development of patient-specific cellular therapies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and d

No Clean Bill Of Health For Government According To Kingston Nursing Professor, UK

On the eve of the Labour party conference a Kingston University academic has called on the Government to shape up on its health policy. Professor of Nursing, Paul Wainwright, was speaking in the w

'Molecular Diagnostics: Leading The World From Philadelphia' Hosted By AACR

Critical innovations and basic cancer biology knowledge have merged in recent years to make it possible for researchers to target specific molecules involved in critical chemical pathways of cance

'Give Health An Explicit Value'

The use of an explicit value for health is up for discussion in the Netherlands. Wrongly so, thinks health economist professor Han Bleichrodt. Adhering to a defined limit when awarding compensatio

Hospitals Must Take Up Challenge To Tackle Clots - Charity Welcomes Publication Of Department Of Health Tool, UK

A new tool to help hospital doctors screen for Britain's most dangerous hospital killer is being rolled out across the country and has the potential to save many of the 25,000 lives lost to

'Baby' Fat Cells May Be Key To Treating Obesity, Say Researchers

Immature, or baby, fat cells lurk in the walls of the blood vessels that nourish fatty tissue, just waiting for excess calories to help them grow into the adult monsters responsible for packing

$208 Million Supercomputer Project

Iowa State University researchers will be part of a research consortium helping to develop the world's most powerful supercomputer.That machine will deliver sustained performance of a qu

Gene Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction

BERLIN, GERMANY ( - Arnold Melman, MD, Professor and Chair, Albert Einstein College of Medicine presented Gene Therapy for erectile dysfunction. In this fascinating discussion, Dr.

$50 Million 'Penn Integrates Knowledge' Neurosciences Initiative Announced By Penn

The University of Pennsylvania will make a major investment in neuroscience, the interdisciplinary study of brain/behavior relationships and nervous-system diseases, with a $50 million contributio

'Buckyballs' Have High Potential To Accumulate In Living Tissue

Research at Purdue University suggests synthetic carbon molecules called fullerenes, or buckyballs, have a high potential of being accumulated in animal tissue, but the molecules also appear to br

Despite Advances In The Accuracy Of CT Colonography In Detecting Polyps, Digestive Health Experts Urge Patients To Consider Risks And Realities

Findings from a trial of the accuracy of CT colonography (CTC) compared to complete colonoscopy in detecting large pre-cancerous polyps and colorectal cancers, coordinated by the

New Bluetooth System Orients Blind And Sighted Pedestrians

A new Bluetooth system designed primarily for blind people places a layer of information technology over the real world to tell pedestrians about points of interest along their path as they pass t

Miraculins Announces Plans To Advance Gastric Cancer Program

Miraculins Inc. (TSX VENTURE:MOM), a medical diagnostic company focused on developing and commercializing diagnostic tests for unmet clinical needs, is pleased to announce that it has completed th

The American Dental Hygienists' Association To Celebrate 2008 National Dental Hygiene Month With Event-Dedicated Weeks

The American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) announced today that a new format for National Dental Hygiene Month (NDHM) will kick off with October and will feature various events for each we

Study Finds That Increased Federal Aid For Low-Income Women Can Lower Abortion Rates

Increased federal assistance for low-income women can significantly reduce abortion rates, according to a new study from Catholics in Al

Curemark CEO Presents Autism Findings At Prestigious Neurobiology Conference At Oxford

Curemark, LLC announced that Founder and CEO Dr. Joan Fallon has presented Curemark's most recent findings on autism at the Gordon Conference on Neurobiology and Brain Disorders which took place A

'' Which Will Hook Up NHS Providers With Healthcare Suppliers Launched

An online advertising service that will help 'hook up' NHS providers with healthcare suppliers was announced today by Health Minister Ben Bradshaw. Speaking at the Laing and B

3-D MRI Technique Helps Radiologists Detect High-risk Carotid Disease

Canadian researchers have used three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging (3-D MRI) to accurately detect bleeding within the walls of diseased carotid arteries, a condition that may lead to a st

'Hunger Hormone' Suppressed By Johns Hopkins Researchers

Johns Hopkins scientists report success in significantly suppressing levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin in pigs using a minimally invasive means of chemically vaporizing the main vessel carryi

'Industrial Manslaughter,' Immediate Action Needed For Prevention, Says Expert

Jeanne Mager Stellman, PhD, professor and chair of environmental and occupational health sciences at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, told the President's Cancer Panel that government policy and a

Canada Less Prepared For Epidemics: Government Policies May Be Hazardous To Canadians' Health

Canada may be less prepared than in the past for epidemics, such as an influenza pandemic and food-borne illnesses like the recent Listeria outbreak, state a CMAJ news article and an editor

Larry King Cardiac Foundation Partners With Rush University Medical Center To Provide Heart Care For The Underserved

The Larry King Cardiac Foundation and Rush University Medical Center have joined forces to provide life-saving cardiac care for patients who have no insurance or limited means. The goal is to brin

"The Global Learning Series" To Raise Understanding And Awareness Of Autism And Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Global Learning Series announced that the education-focused television program distributed to individual public television stations in the U.S. and globally to Voice of America U.S. Governme

Cutting Calories Could Limit Muscle Wasting In Later Years

Chemical concoctions can smooth over wrinkles and hide those pesky grays, but what about the signs of aging that aren't so easy to fix, such as losing muscle mass? Cutting calories early could hel

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