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'Cool' blood stem cell research leads to licensing deal

A Canadian company is betting that cryogenics research at the University of Alberta will set a new standard for stem cell storage and preservation. Researchers at the U of A have develop

The Royal College of GPs Announces Affiliation with PRIMHE & MIPCA - UK

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) has formed an alliance with the Primary Care Mental Health and Education (Primhe) charity and Migraine in Primary Care Advisors (MIPCA) society.

New way of fighting antibiotic resistance, stop evolution - demonstrated by Scripps scientists

A team of scientists at The Scripps Research Institute and the University of Wisconsin have demonstrated a new way of fighting antibiotic resistance: by stopping evolution. In the June i

Novel Organon Agent to Reverse Muscle Relaxation in Anesthesia - FDA Agreement on Phase 3 Development Plan

Organon and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have reached agreement on the clinical development plan that will allow Org 25969 - the first selective relaxant binding agent to reverse neu

First UK centre to provide advanced medical skills

The University of Hertfordshire's Intensive Care & Emergency Simulation Centre (HICESC) has become the first UK centre to adopt training practices developed in the United States. Qualifi

High-Tech Imaging - U.S. Ranks Highest Worldwide

The US ranks highest in utilization of high-tech imaging compared to other countries worldwide, while Germany and Singapore ranks high in utilization of both high and low tech imaging, a new stud

Senate Special Committee on Aging Hears Testimony on Growing Number of HIV-Positive People Older Than 50, USA

Dr Robert Janssen, director of... CDC's Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention on Thursday

Maladapted children change goals during conflicts

Although they may only look like they're arguing over a video game, when children conflict with their peers they are often trying to achieve a wide variety of goals. For instance, a goal could be

Mayo researchers seek methods to make new cancer therapies available more quickly

Latest findings indicate one- and two-year study results not as predictive as longer-term studies - In their efforts to explore more effective and efficient ways to conduct clinical trial

Zevalin safe and effective for non-Hogdkin's lymphoma patients with advanced disease

According to a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) study, patients with advanced non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) previously treated with chemotherapy and adult stem cell transplantation c

Bad Teeth May Signal Risk for Heart Attack

Elderly persons with active root caries, a type of tooth decay, have an increased risk of having irregular heart beats. This study is published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

Blueprint Adds Mandarin Translations to Biomolecular Database

The Blueprint Initiative Asia Pte Ltd (Blueprint Asia) announced today that it has released a new version of its Biomolecular Interaction Network Database (BIND), offering the first of many Chine

Compares stomach acid control of three proton pump inhibitors in chronic NSAID users

Data from a clinical trial comparing stomach acid control of three proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), esomeprazole magnesium (NEXIUM®), lansoprazole (Prevacid), and pantoprazole (Protonix), in chroni

2nd HealthWorlds Asia Medical Congress will be held at the BIOPOLIS bio-medical research hub in Singapore

From the 11-13 November 2005 at the BIOPOLIS bio-medical research centre in Singapore, leading experts in oncology research and therapy world-wide shall attend the next HealthWorlds Asia medical

Miami Herald Examines Private Florida Funds That Avoid Publicity for Helping Provide Abortions for Low-Income Women

The Miami Herald on Thursday examined how 10 private, not-for-profit funds in Florida that raise money to underwrite abortions for women who cannot afford the procedure try to keep low profiles.

Best organic businesses 2005 announced by Soil Association, UK

TV presenter Gillian McKeith and a pioneering farmer supplying organic milk to his local hospital are among the winners in this year's Organic Industry Awards presented by the Soil Association -

10,000 steps a day help middle-aged women keep normal body weight and have smaller waists

Middle-aged women who took at least 10,000 steps per day on average were much more likely to fall into recommended ranges for measures of body composition such as total body weight and body fat p

Association Health Plans Would Undermine State Health Coverage Laws, Report Says, USA

Association health plans would undermine state laws that require health plans to cover certain treatments and procedures and would not do much to help uninsured U.S. residents, according to a repo

Africa responds to close down polio epidemic

As polio reaches as far as Indonesia, over 77 million children to be immunized at heart of outbreak to prevent further spread. Africa is responding aggressively to close down a polio epi

Patient waiting times latest, UK

The number of patients, for whom English commissioners are responsible, waiting over 9 months at the end of March 2005 was 41. Of these 41, 6 were English residents waiting in Welsh hospitals.

Sabin Gold Medal awarded to vaccine developer Dr. Albert Z. Kapikian

Albert Z. Kapikian, M D, of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), was awarded the prestigious Albert B. Sabin Gold Me

Location of new Assisted Human Reproduction Agency of Canada, Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh announces

Canadian Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh today announced that Vancouver will be the location of the future head office of the Assisted Human Reproduction Agency of Canada. The Agency will be establ

88% of Catholic Physicians Would Prescribe Birth Control for Adult Patients, Survey Says

About 93% of physicians, including 88% of Catholic physicians, say they would prescribe birth control to any adult patients that request them and for whom they are medically appropriate, accordi

Hand gestures linked to better speaking

New research at the University of Alberta suggests that gesturing while you talk may improve your access to language. Dr. Elena Nicoladis and her research colleagues observed the hand g

Blood Test For Ovarian Cancer

Researchers have developed a blood screening test that could help catch ovarian cancer in its early stages, when few symptoms are present. Ovarian cancer, the leading cause of gynecologi

Obese workers' pay lower due to health costs, Stanford study finds

Studies have consistently shown that obese employees in the USA are paid less than normal-weight employees doing similar jobs, leading many people to attribute the gap to prejudice against worker

New Treatments for Common Vaginal Infection, Bacterial Vaginosis, Being Studied

Whether a two-week regimen using a stainless steel douching device can eradicate the most common vaginal infection is under study at the Medical College of Georgia. MCG researchers want

New fat is needed to clear old fat from the system

Where fat comes from determines whether the body can metabolize it effectively. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have found that the old fat stored in the bo

12 more products confirmed have illegal dye Para Red

The Food Standards Agency (UK) has been informed today by food businesses that a further 12 products have been confirmed to contain spices contaminated with Para Red, an illegal dye. The

Preventing spread of rabies among racoons in New York State

On Saturday, May 7, the New York State Health Department - working closely with the City Health Department - is baiting a small residential area along the Queens/ Long Island border to prevent th

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