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The Evolution Of Water Balance In Glossina (Diptera: Glossinidae): Correlations With Climate

The water balance of tsetse flies (Diptera: Glossinidae) has significant implications for understanding biogeography and climate change responses in these African disease vectors. Althoug

A New Way To Study How Breast Cancer Spreads Developed By Einstein Researchers

In a breakthrough study appearing in advance online publication of Nature Methods, researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University describe for the first time a met

Combined Senses Give Us A Better View Of The World

From a young age we are taught about the five senses and how they help us to explore our world. Although each sense seems to be its own entity, recent studies have indicated that there is actually

Documented Immigrants Face Barriers To Practicing Health Care In U.S., Report Says

A large number of highly educated, documented immigrants who were trained as doctors, nurses and other professionals in their home nations are employed in low-level jobs because they cannot obtai

Wisconsin Has Primary Care Physician Shortage, According To Report

Wisconsin has a shortage of 374 primary care physicians, primarily in rural areas and some inner-city neighborhoods, according to a new report by the Wisconsin Council on Medical Education and Wo

Real-Time Monitoring Of Cell Adhesion And Spreading With Roche's XCELLigence System

The xCELLigence System from Roche Applied Science enables researchers to monitor and quantitatively assess cell attachment and spreading in real-time. The technique is non-invasive and does neithe

Science And Diabetes Education In Native-American Schools Fostered By Teaching Tools

Schools across the country now have free access to an innovative set of teaching tools designed to increase the understanding of science, health, and diabetes among American Indian and Alaska Nati

High Blood Pressure: Over 50 Percent Of People With The Condition Are Unaware They Are Hypertensive

More than half of people diagnosed with high blood pressure do not have it under control and many more go undiagnosed, according to research carried out at the University of Warwick.Prof

A New Way To Predict Outbreaks: Replikin Peptide Concentration In H5N1 Influenza Virus Genome As A Marker For Lethal Outbreaks

WHO and CDC have stated that the predictive accuracy of their annual formulations for human influenza vaccines is suboptimal -- often correct less than 50% of the time, especially for seniors

RCN Responds To Government Announcement On New Rules For Migrant Workers, UK

Responding to today's Home Office announcement that 200,000 fewer jobs would be available for migrant workers under new Government rules, Dr. Peter Carter, Chief Executive & General Secretary of t

'Airport Malaria' A Cause For Concern In The US

In a global world, significant factors affect the spread of infectious diseases, including international trade, air travel and globalized food production. Airport malaria is a term coined by res

The Cardiovascular Benefits Of Music Are Similar To Those Found In Previous Study Of Laughter

Listening to your favorite music may be good for your cardiovascular system. Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore have shown for the first time that the emotio

Interferon Treatment For MS Reduces Lesions In About Half Of Patients

According to an article published early online and in the January 2009issue of Archives of Neurology,about half of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients who are treated withthree years of in

The Genetics Of Breast Cancer Studied Using New Technique

A new technique to study genetic changes that can lead to breast cancer could be one step closer.The University of Nottingham has received £15,000 from the charity Breast Cancer Campaig

$750,000 Grant To Rutgers College Of Nursing Awarded By F.M. Kirby Foundation

The F.M. Kirby Foundation of Morristown, N.J., awarded a $750,000 grant to the College of Nursing at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, to support the education of 10 doctoral fellows wh

Medtronic Data Presented At American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2008 Supports Utility Of Painless Pacing Therapies In ICD Patients

New data presented today at Scientific Sessions 2008 from Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) shows that survival among patients with implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) treated only with anti-tachy

'Women Against Cervical Cancer' - A New International Network Committed To Empowering Women Through Education

New survey results announced today, reveal a significant lack of information and education about the prevention, treatment and consequences of cervical cancer is leaving women unnecessarily worr

World Diabetes Day: Eyes Save Diabetics' Lives - Queensland University Of Technology

QUT researchers are developing a simple eye test to help save the lives and limbs of diabetics from a debiliting condition that affects up to half of people with diabetes. Professor Natha

Annual Medical Ethics Conference Celebrates 20 Years Of Disputes

The 20th annual conference of The MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics at the University of Chicago will honor the Center's founder and director, Mark Siegler, MD, and examine his work and i

Raptor Pharmaceuticals Corp. Announces Positive Phase IIa Clinical Study Results For Convivia(TM) Program

Raptor Pharmaceuticals Corp. (Raptor or the Company) (OTC Bulletin Board: RPTP), announced positive results in its Phase IIa study of oral 4-methylpyrazole (4-MP) in subjects with ALDH2

APIC Covers Up Extent And Causes Of Deadly C. Diff

The Association for Professionals in Infection Control (APIC) announced the results of a nationwide survey on the incidence of Clostridium difficile infections among hospital patie

Psychologist's Advice For Socially Anxious

Socially anxious people must improve their performance to break cycle of social rejection, claim psychologists in a study published in the British Journal of Clinical Psychology. R

Canada Continues Pressing To Re-open Korean Market To Canadian Beef Exporters

The Government of Canada is continuing to work hard to re-open the Korean market to our world-class Canadian beef. Based on science and international standards, the Canadian beef industry has a s

First Trial Of Gene Therapy For Advanced Heart Failure Shows Promising Results

Phase I results of the first clinical trial of gene therapy for patients with advanced heart failure show the approach to be promising, with improvements in several measures of the condition's sev

Ecalta (anidulafungin) Recommended For Use In NHS Scotland - Antifungal For Invasive Candidiasis

Pfizer Limited today welcomes the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) advice, which recommends Ecalta® (anidulafungin), a new antifungal medicine for the treatment of invasive candidiasis in N

Study Improves Recovery For Mothers With Depression, University Of Liverpool, England

Scientists at the University of Liverpool have developed a therapy programme to treat depression in women in developing countries. Although depression is a major health problem world-wide, expert

Simple Brain Mechanisms Explain Human Visual Decisions

Mark Twain, a skeptic of the idea of free will, argues in his essay What Is Man? that humans do not command their minds or the opinions they form. You did not form that [opinion], a speaker id

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Could Be Risk Factor For Sudden Cardiac Death

After studying the sleep characteristics of nearly 11,000 adults in an overnight sleep laboratory, Mayo Clinic researchers suggest that obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) - and, in particular, the low

Arizona Department Of Health Issues Rabies Warning

Arizona is on track this year to break the state's annual record number of rabies cases. Since January, Arizona State Health Laboratory has confirmed rabies in 162 animals; 38 humans and 119 pets

Battlefield Healthcare - From Front Line Care Through Rehabilitation, Conference

March 25 - 26, 2009 - Arabella Grand Sheraton, Munich, Germany. Defence IQ's 2nd annual Battlefield Healthcare conference will focus on the multiple realities that face combat casual

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