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'Alcopop' Tax Not Enough, Australia

Alcohol is one of the most abused substances in the Australian community. Alcohol providers are targeting young people in particular in advertising and media, and through providing an increasing a

Abbott's Phase III Sub-Group Analysis Shows Investigational TriLipix™ In Combination With CRESTOR® Improves Key Lipids

New data from a sub-group analysis of patients with mixed dyslipidemia and type 2 diabetes that were enrolled in a Phase III study showed that the use of Abbott's ( NYSE: ABT) investigational TriL

Having Heart Surgery? Watch Your Blood Sugar

Nearly half of all heart surgery patients may experience blood sugar levels high enough to require temporary insulin treatment after their operation, even though they've never had diabetes, accord

Pregnancy Characteristics Of Mothers Giving Birth To Babies With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Australia

This retrospective case-control study reviewed the records of indigenous women whose infants were diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) to obtain information that can assist in the identific

"Give Adequate Holiday Vaccination Advice," Urges Medical And Dental Defence Union Of Scotland

Adequate vaccination advice to holidaymakers heading abroad for their summer holidays can help to avoid an unnecessary medico-legal claim, the Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland (MDDUS

Royal College Of Nursing Overwhelmingly Accepts Government's Three-Year Pay Deal, UK

Royal College of Nursing overwhelmingly accepts Government's three-year pay dealThe Royal College of Nursing's (RCN) members have shown they overwhelmingly support the Government's pay de

'If In Doubt, Call An Ambulance' - New NHS Guidelines On Recreational Drugs In Nightclubs

New guidelines have been written which will assist nightclub staff in deciding whether to call ambulances for unwell clubbers. At present, there is a worry that inappropriate management has lead t

"Lab On The Lake" To Kick Off World Stem Cell Summit

Stem cell enthusiasts will be able to enjoy Lab on the Lake, a public forum and festival as part of the 2008 World Stem Cell Summit organized by the Genetics Policy Institute, University of Wiscon

Boehringer, Gilead Freeze Antiretroviral Prices For Some U.S. Agencies

Pharmaceutical companies Boehringer Ingelheim and Gilead Sci

Colorado Gov. Ritter Signs 11 Health Care Bills To Increase Access, Expand Coverage

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter (D) on Tuesday signed into law 11 health care bills, including measures to expand coverage requirements and increase children's access to care, the

House Panel Hearing Focuses On Health IT Privacy, Cost Concerns

Lawmakers, patient-privacy and health care advocates, and information technology experts on Tuesday debated ... how Congress can strike a balance between accelerating the adoption of a nationwid

DHS Immigration Bureau To Start Reporting On Detainee Deaths In Detention Centers

The Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau will begin reporting more information to the

A Glass Apart

British scientists are developing a new type of glass that can dissolve and release calcium into the body. This will enable patients to regrow bones and could signal a move away from bone transpla

The Long-Term Impact Of Childhood Cancer

On average, every hour, every day, another child is diagnosed with cancer in the U.S.* The good news is that more kids than ever are surviving. In fact, 3 out of 4 will survive longer than 10 y

Human Stem Cells Cure Fatal Myelin Deficiency In Mice And Could One Day Help Children

Scientists in the US have used human cells that behave like stem cells to help shiverer mice grow myelin around their nerve fibres and thereby avoid an inevitable early death and poor quality o

$500,000 Gruber Genetics Prize: The Recipient Is Spradling For New Genetic Techniques, Advancing Understanding Of Stem Cells

Allan C. Spradling, Ph.D., of the Carnegie Institution for Science and Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) in Baltimore, is the recipient of the 2008 Genetics Prize of the Peter and Patricia Gr

Access To Abortion In Africa And Latin America: A Question Of Public Health And Social Inequality

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 3.7 million unsafe abortions are conducted every year in Latin America and the Caribbean, which comes down to nearly one abortion for every three

30 Percent Increase In Breast Imaging Of Low-Risk Women As A Result Of Kylie's Breast Cancer

Use of mammography and breast ultrasound procedures soared by over 30 per cent among women aged 25-44 in the six months following Kylie Minogue's breast cancer diagnosis, says a new study from th

Using Periodontal Ligament Regeneration To Save Teeth

Teeth may fall out as a result of inflammation and subsequent destruction of the tissues supporting the teeth. Dutch researcher Agnes Berendsen has investigated a possible solution to this problem

New Superconductors Offer Potential For Industry, Medicine, Transportation And Energy Generation

Johns Hopkins University researchers and colleagues in China have unlocked some of the secrets of newly discovered iron-based high-temperature superconductors, research that could result in the de

NHS Hospitals And Private Management - UNISON Reaction, UK

UNISON, the UK's largest health union rejected proposals for NHS Hospitals to be run by private companies. Commenting on the announcement by Health minister Ben Bradshaw, Mike Jackson, Senior Nati

Chinese Family Planning Officials Compensate Parents Whose Only Child Was Killed During Earthquake

Family planning authorities in China's Sichuan province have begun distributing payments of 1,000 yuan, or about $144, annually to parents whose only child was killed during an earthquake on May

Aetna Introduces Dental-Only Insurance Plans For Individuals And Their Families

Aetna (NYSE:AET) announced that it has begun selling stand-alone dental plans to individuals and families, which are now effective as of June 1, 2008. These new products will initially be offered

Fluidigm Introduces First Integrated Fluidic Circuit Able To Perform 9,216 Simultaneous Real-Time PCR Experiments

Fluidigm Corporation introduced its BioMark™ 96.96 Dynamic Array, a new integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) capable of performing 9,216 simultaneous real-time PCR experiments running TaqMan®

Studying Bacterial Communities Inside Us To Better Understand Health And Disease

The number of bacteria living within the body of the average healthy adult human are estimated to outnumber human cells 10 to 1. Changes in these microbial communities may be responsible for diges

'Cyborg Engineering' For Coronary Bypass Grafting Combines Man-Made Materials With Human Cells

A team of London scientists have taken a major step in making the use of artificial veins and arteries in coronary bypass grafts a reality. In a study published in the June 2008 print issue of

Emotions Of Women Who Are Victims Of Intimate Partner Violence - The Impact Of Culture On These Women

This article describes the emotions of women who are victims of intimate partner violence (IPV) and examines the impact of culture on these women. Despite coming from diverse cultural bac

Health Information Technology Legislation Stalled By Privacy Concerns

Legislation that would promote the adoption and standardization of health information technology is knotted up in Congress over privacy issues, CQ Today reports (Wayne, CQ To

Emergency Departments Overcrowded By Many Patients With Health Insurance

The fastest growing group of people using emergency departments is middle-income patients with health insurance, rather than uninsured patients,

Researchers Identify Gene That Regulates Glucose Levels

In an effort to understand how genes work, a collaborative study which includes the University of Southern California (USC) has identified a gene that regulates glucose levels. The results, which

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