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Shedding Light On Bowel Cancer

An effective new method of diagnosing bowel (also known as colorectal, or large bowel) cancer using 'light' may soon be available, according to research presented at the British Pharmaceutic

20 Per Cent Of GP Cases Could Be Handled By Pharmacists, British Pharmaceutical Conference

Pharmacists could help reduce GP workloads by 20 per cent, saving the NHS millions of pounds every year, according to Steve Churton, President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Br

50% Of People Ignorant Over Causes Of Heart Disease, UK

Over half the public are still ignorant about coronary heart disease (CHD) - the UK's leading killer disease, research launched at the British Pharmaceutical Conference (BPC) in Manchester h

$8.5 Billion Extra Payments To Medicare Advantage Plans In 2008

Private Medicare Advantage (MA) plans will be paid an average 12.4 percent more per enrollee in 2008 compared to what the same enrollee would have cost in the traditional Medicare fee-for-service

Washington Post Examines Rhode Island Plan To Cap Medicaid Spending In Exchange For Greater Flexibility In Overhauling Program

Rhode Island Gov. Donald Carcieri's (R) request to CMS last month for a waiver to set limits on state Medicaid spending has alarmed congressi

North Carolina Sex Education Debate Becoming More Polarizing, News Observer Reports

The Raleigh News & Observer on Wednesday examined the sex education debate in North Carolina. Accor

Nanotherapeutics Files Investigational New Drug Application For NanoDOX™ Hydrogel To Treat Lower Extremity Diabetic Ulcers

Nanotherapeutics, a privately held specialty biopharmaceutical company, announced that it has submitted its first Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the FDA for a phase IIa clinical stu

Increase In Private And Public Place Infant Abductions: Research In AJN

The American Journal of Nursing (AJN) has announced results from a study, based on 23 years of data collection, identifying new trends in nonfamily infant abductions. The report, conducted

Excessive Calorie Intake Induced By Intellectual Work

A Universite Laval research team has demonstrated that intellectual work induces a substantial increase in calorie intake. The details of this discovery, which could go some way to explaining the

American Kidney Fund's Disaster Relief Program Available To Dialysis Patients

The American Kidney Fund's Disaster Relief Program is ready to provide emergency financial assistance to U.S. dialysis patients affected by Hurricane Gustav--as well as to help dialysis patients w

Newspapers Examine Reaction To GOP VP Nominee Palin's Announcement Of Daughter's Pregnancy

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) on Wednesday accepted the vice presidential nomination for the Republican Party at the party's national convention in St. Paul, Minn., the

First Guiding Catheter To Successfully Enable Administration Of Medicine Directly To The Coronary Artery Throughout The Course Of A PCI

Hadasit, the technology transfer company of Hadassah Medical Organization, announced today the successful pre-clinical testing of a prototype of the Double Lumen PCI Guiding Catheter for use in th

Scientists Who Linked HPV With Cervical Cancer Win 20th Annual Warren Alpert Foundation Prize

Two scientists who discovered that specific types of human papillomavirus, or HPV, cause cancer of the cervix were announced as winners of the 20th annual Warren Alpert Foundation Scientific Prize

Medarex Announces Presentations At The 33rd Congress Of The European Society For Medical Oncology

Medarex, Inc. (Nasdaq: MEDX) announced that nine clinical abstracts for ipilimumab, an investigational anti-CTLA-4 antibody, in melanoma are scheduled to be the subject of presentations at the

Elderly Benefit From Cholesterol Drugs To Lower Risk Of Stroke

Elderly people who take a cholesterol drug after a stroke or mini-stroke lower their risk of having another stroke just as much as younger people in the same situation, according to research publi

At Risk For Peripheral Arterial Disease? Simple Quiz Provides Key So You Can Circulate Better

Ten million Americans have peripheral arterial disease (PAD), and research shows that the highest risk populations include African-Americans (twice as likely to develop clogged leg arteries), sen

25 Years Of Conventional Evaluation Of Data Analysis Proves Worthless In Practice

So-called 'intelligent' computer-based methods for classifying patient samples, for example, have been evaluated with the help of two methods that have completely dominated research for 25 years.

Nature Inspires New Highly Specific Drugs And Organic Products

The best place to seek novel compounds for pharmaceutical drugs, alternative energy sources, and a host of industrial applications, is within natural systems that have evolved over millions of ye

Amedisys Experiences Minimal Disruption From Hurricane Gustav

Amedisys, Inc. (Nasdaq:AMED)(Company), one of America's leading home health nursing companies, today announced that there has been very limited damage and disruptions to its field offices and ne

UHN Becomes A World Leader In Medical Imaging For Stroke, Cancer And Cardiac Patients

Recently, University Health Network (UHN) became the first institution in the world to have three 320-slice CT scanners, as Toronto Western Hospital's (TWH) scanner began clinical operation. The

Gene Is Likely Cause Of Stroke-Inducing Vascular Malformations

UCSF scientists have discovered that a gene controlling whether blood vessels differentiate into arteries or veins during embryonic development is linked to a vascular disorder in the brain that

Leavitt's Actions On HHS Draft Rule Leave Possibility That It Will Be Used To Refuse Contraception, Opinion Piece Says

Although HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt in his final version of a proposed regulation that aims to protect health wo

'The Transporters' - Unique Government-Backed DVD To Help Children With Autism Recognise Emotions To Go On Sale World-Wide

A groundbreaking teaching resource to help children with autism make sense of the world around them is to be marketed internationally, following great success in the UK. The Transporters,

Global Survey Highlights The Complexity Of Bipolar Disorder - New Tools Launched To Help Fight Stigma Associated With Mental Illness

Results from a new global survey on bipolar disorder, released today at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Congress, indicate that both patients and healthcare professionals face sig

Cardiac Ultrasound Imaging Goes Handheld

Non-invasive imaging has revolutionized the diagnosis of the most common cardiac diseases such as valve problems and coronary heart disease. In addition, imaging techniques are developing rapidly

New Generation Drug-Eluting Stent Demonstrates Equivalent Efficacy To Market Leader In 'Real World' Study

In the first study of its kind, a drug-eluting stent (DES) with a biodegradable polymer applied only to the outer surface has been demonstrated as safe and effective as one of the most established

Impending Generic Competition Forces Innovation In Alzheimer's Treatments

As the Baby Boomer generation reaches retirement age, the number of Americans suffering from Alzheimer's disease is expected to jump from 5 million to about 14 million in 2050. Meanwhile,

'Right Care, Right Deal' Campaign Responds To DWP Committee Carers Report, UK

Commenting on the publication of the Department for Work & Pensions Parliamentary Select committee entitled 'Valuing and Suporting Carers', the Right care, Right deal campaign comments: P

"Instructor" Molecule Discovered That Makes Blood Vessel Cells Form Tube-Like Structures

How do blood vessel cells understand that they should organise themselves in tubes and not in layers? A research group from Uppsala University shows for the first time that a special type of inst

'Superbug' Breast Infections Controllable In Nursing Mothers, UT Southwestern Researchers Find

Many nursing mothers who have been hospitalized for breast abscesses are afflicted with the superbug methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, but according to new research by UT Sou

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