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Wavelets Crunch Through Doctors' Day Long Struggle To Diagnose Brain Tumors

Today if doctors devote a full day to analysis and expert thought, they may be able to provide just half a dozen patients with a diagnosis of the precise type of brain tumour they face. Now resear

Nasty Superbugs

Superbugs -- bacteria that are resistant to many commonly used antibiotics -- can seem scary. Antibiotic resistance means illnesses last longer, and the risk of complications and death increases.

Researcher Seeks To Protect Muscles Of Astronauts

As astronaut Garrett Reisman adjusts to Earth's gravity after three months in space, a University of Kentucky physiologist is continuing his tests on a 50-year-old drug used for liver treatments a

2008 School Of Oncoplastic Surgery Announced By American Society Of Breast Disease

The American Society of Breast Disease will convene its second annual School of Oncoplastic Surgery, December 5-7, 2008, at the Westin Stonebriar Hotel in Dallas, Texas, and Baylor-Frisco Hospit

MURs Double In Wales

Although MURs have remained well below target; figures for the 2007/8 financial year reveal that MURs claimed for in Wales exceeded 60,000 and that this was an increase of 99% on 2006/7.S

HIV/AIDS Hinders Children's Access To Education, UNDP Official Says

Children who lose one or both parents to HIV/AIDS are unlikely to remain in school and finish their education, Robert Greener, senior economic adviser at the

Romiplostim Data Show Potential Long-Term Efficacy And Safety In Adults With Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP)

Amgen Inc. (NASDAQ: AMGN) announced updated results from the ongoing, open-label extension study on the long-term safety and efficacy of romiplostim in adult patients with chronic immune thromboc

A Genetic Analysis Of Group Movement In An Isolated Population Of Tree - Roosting Bats

Bats in maternity colonies roost in trees and are faithful to a group of trees. Here we describe, for the first time, the breakup of a colony and movement from an old group of trees to a

Fossil Oak Galls Preserve Ancient Multitrophic Interactions

Galls are plant tissues whose development is caused by other organisms - particularly insects. The insects live and feed in the galls, and gall shapes indicate which kind of animal caused the ga

Positive Clinical Data For PBI-1402 Presented At The Annual Congress Of The European Hematology Association

ProMetic Life Sciences Inc. (TSX:PLI) (ProMetic) presented results on its orally-active PBI-1402 compound in clinical trial in patients with chemotherapy-induced anemia (CIA) at the 13th Cong

Pharmacology Of Crystal Meth

When smoked, crystal meth rapidly achieves high concentrations in the brain without the burdens of the intravenous route. Kish reviews the actions of methamphetamine and explains the potential rol

Australian Medical Association: GP Training A Must

As part of General Practice Week (15-21 June), the Australian Medical Association has again called on the Rudd Government to make general practice training a priority.AMA Presiden

American Red Cross Issues Appeal For Disaster Relief Fund

The American Red Cross anticipates spending millions as it moves forward with relief efforts for the victims of flooding and tornadoes across seven states, an enormous geographic area. From Kansas

Transplantation Presents Forum On Conditional Organ Donation

Should potential organ donors be permitted to limit the use of their organs to specific groups or individual patients? A special forum in the June 15 issue of Transplantation, presents expert view

Wealth Of Genomic Hotspots Discovered In Embryonic Stem Cells

In a paper published in Cell, Singapore scientists at the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) and the National University of Singapore (NUS) unveil an atlas that showing the location of ge

Higher Allergy Risk In Kids Due To Traffic Pollution

New evidence blames traffic-related pollution for increasing the risk of allergy and atopic diseases among children by more than fifty percent. What's more, the closer children live to roads, the

Children Often Neglected In HIV/AIDS Testing, Treatment, Rwandan Official Says

Children should be placed at the center of HIV/AIDS prevention efforts, Agnes Binagwaho, executive secretary of Rwanda's National AIDS

Boehringer Ingelheim Announces First Positive Health Technology Assessments For Novel Oral Anticoagulant Pradaxa® (dabigatran Etexilate)

The Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) has accepted Pradaxa® (dabigatran etexilate) for routine use within the National Health Service (NHS) of Scotland for its currently licensed indication:

10 Health Items To Take With You On Vacation

Whether your summer vacation plans involve staying close to home or crossing the globe, you'll want to put as much thought into protecting your health while traveling as you do choosing your desti

Spring Into Sunny Weather But Stay Sun Safe

As the weather grows warmer, people's thoughts turn to outdoor activities and enjoying the sunshine. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute physicians and nurses are encouraging people when they are outside

Water Intake Could Gauge Diabetes

Rough and tumble summer games send hot and sweaty children running in and out of the house for drinks of water or bathroom trips. While drinking plenty of water, especially when they've been out i

"Feet Treats" That Do More Harm Than Good

Summer is finally here, and that means it's time to show off those feet. But before you get carried away trying to get that pedicure, slough off those corns or run barefoot through the park at a p

Film Classification Inappropriate - Australian Psychological Society

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) has expressed grave concerns over the classification MA given to the soon to be released movie, 'The Happening'. This movie, with its graphic a

AVI BioPharma Publishes Preclinical Data In Muscular Dystrophy Research

AVI BioPharma, Inc. announced the publication of preclinical results of a study designed to demonstrate the ability of AVI's NeuGene® class of drugs to induce sustained expression of dystrophi

Canadian Foundation For Dietetic Research Recognizes Students For Their Nutrition Research

The Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research (CFDR) announced the names of the Morgan Medal Award Recipients at the Dietitians of Canada Conference in Winnipeg. The awards program recognizes stud

Political Charades Have No Place In Efforts To Reform Medicare For Beneficiaries, Providers - Senator John Cornyn

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, spoke out on the Senate Floor, urging his colleagues to put partisanship aside and take action to protect Medicare beneficiaries, prevent premium increases, and com

'Pushing Past' Senators Blocking Consideration Of PEPFAR Reauthorization Should Be 'Bipartisan Mandate,' Editorial Says

The Bush administration and apparently heavy majorities in the Senate and House have agreed to continue and expand the President's Emergency Pla

"Safer Salads" Article From American Scientist Wins National Award

As the U.S. goes through yet another scare over contaminated produce, this time involving an outbreak of Salmonella in tomatoes, an article called Safer Salads from American Scientist

'Faulty' Brain Connections May Be Responsible For Social Impairments In Autism

New evidence shows that the brains of adults with autism are wired differently from people without the disorder, and this abnormal pattern of connectivity may be responsible for the social impa

Trust For America's Health Testifies Before Congress, Director Urges Food Safety Reforms Amid Major Salmonella Outbreak

Jeffrey Levi, Executive Director of Trust for America's Health (TFAH), testified before the House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight & Investigations today, in the wake of this week's nat

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