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Treatment With Theophylline Improves Smell Function When Biochemistry Is The Culprit

Despite the fact that millions of Americans are believed to have lost their sense of smell (hyposmia), no effective method exists to treat many of these people. That is due in part to the fact tha

Use Of Digital Health Records Improves Health Of The Elderly

Use of medications that are linked to increased risk of falls in the elderly can be reduced through careful review of patient files in the Electronic Health Record, new Geisinger research shows.

How Scheduled Medicare Pay Cuts Will Affect Patients: ACP Report

Medicare patients - many of whom have multiple chronic illnesses - face severe difficulty in receiving healthcare if Congress does not act to avert pending cuts to Medicare payments, according to

URAC Releases Draft Standards For Public Input For Nine Health Care Management Accreditation Programs

URAC called for public comment on revisions to standards across nine of its health care management accreditation programs. URAC is seeking input from any interested parties, including purchasers,

VOA News Examines Initiative In Malawi That Provides Assistance To Wives Of Prisoners, Aims To Prevent Spread Of HIV

VOA News on Thursday examined an initiative in Malawi that provides assistance to women whose husbands are

Changes In Medicare Policy Might Have Prompted Increase In Surgical Castrations To Treat Prostate Cancer

Changes in Medicare reimbursement policy might have prompted more beneficiaries to undergo surgical castration to treat prostate cancer rather than a less invasive alternative, according to a stu

8% Wage Rise over 3 years To Over 1 Million NHS Staff As Industrial Action Loomed, UK

NHS staff and nurses have been offered wage rises totaling 8% over three years, starting at 2.75% this month, then 2.4% during the last quarter of 2009 and 2.25% during the last quarter of 2010. I

Mesoblast Limited (ASX:MSB) U.S. Heart Attack Stem Cell Therapy Trial Update

Doctors at Houston's Texas Heart Institute held a press conference last Saturday (AEST) to provide an update on the ongoing multi-centre Phase 2 clinical trial of the proprietary mesenchymal precu

Discovery May Help Stroke Patients To Speak, UK

An important breakthrough in our understanding of how the brain works could help stroke patients to regain their speech.Action Medical Research has announced the results of the study as a

30 Per Cent Of Complaints About Hospitals Relate To Fundamental Aspects Of Nursing Care, UK

Help the Aged today responded to the 'Spotlight on Complaints' report from the Healthcare Commission. The report looks at complaints about NHS services referred on to the Commission for review bet

VIVUS Enters Into 30 Million Dollars Funding Collaboration For The Phase 3 Studies Of Avanafil For Erectile Dysfunction

VIVUS, Inc. (NASDAQ: VVUS) announced that it has entered into a $30 million funding collaboration with Deerfield Management (Deerfield). Under the terms of the agreements, Deerfield will provide

Patients Help Crack Nurses' And Midwives' Code, UK

To mark World Health Day, the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) today launches a new Code for the UK's 674,000 nurses and midwivesWith events held in Edinburgh, Belfast, Glamorgan and Lon

APHA Applauds House Resolution And Next Week's Hearing On The Connection Between Climate Change And Health, USA

APHA applauds Chairman Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and Congresswoman Hilda L. Solis (D-Calif.) of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming on today's introduction of a r

Potential Threat To Public Health From Nanomaterials

Nanotechnology is now available in a store near you.Valued for it's antibacterial and odor-fighting properties, nanoparticle silver is becoming the star attraction in a range of products

Aggressive Behavior In Children May Be Result Of Early Neglect

Children who are neglected before their second birthday display higher levels of aggressive behavior between ages 4 and 8, according to a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study, publish

Basic Yoga Exercises Could Help Prevent Falls In Elderly Women

A specific type of yoga can help improve stability and balance in women over age 65, which could help to prevent falls, finds a preliminary study out of Temple University's Gait Study Center.

Unlocking The Mysteries Of Brain Cancer, Stroke Is Focus Of New Research

New studies at the University of Adelaide will delve into some of the crucial issues surrounding death by brain tumours and stroke.The research, to be conducted in the joint University o

Redox-Active Iron Is A Sensor Of Cognitive Impairment Associated With Alzheimer's Disease

An innovative discovery has been reported that highlights the problems that oxidative stress resulting from iron cumulated in the human brain can generate in relation with the pathogenesis of Alzh

T-Cadherin Affects Blood Vessel Growth In Breast Cancer, Hormone From Fat Cells May Play A Role

Researchers at the Burnham Institute for Medical Research (Burnham) may have found a new option for targeted breast cancer therapy by showing the link between a certain protein and the formation a

Ethiopia Launches HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy

Ethiopia recently launched a policy that provides a framework for addressing HIV/AIDS in the workplace, the Daily Monitor/Al

'Abortion' Back As Possible Search Term In Hopkins Reproductive Health Site

After several health advocates and librarians commented that excluding 'abortion' as a search term in the world's largest reproductive health Web site amounts to censorship, the Johns Hopkins Blo

Vaccine Induced Inflammation Linked To Epidemic Of Type 2 Diabetes And Metabolic Syndrome

Newly published data by Dr. J. Barthelow Classen in The Open Endocrinology Journal shows a 50% reduction of type 2 diabetes occurred in Japanese children following the discontinuation of a si

"Understanding Your Caregivers" Promotes Health Literacy

Understanding the often complex medical information your doctor or other caregivers give to you can be difficult, and the consequences of misunderstanding this information can be life threatening.

'Partial-Birth' Abortion Bans Only Increase Risks Among Women Whose Lives Might Be In Danger, Letter To Editor Says

Banning so-called partial-birth abortion, which is the political term for intact dilation and evacuation, does nothing to prevent late-stage abortion, Karen Frantz -- policy and advocacy a

Sen. Coburn Sends Letter To Senate Republicans Saying He Might Block Global HIV/AIDS Bill

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) in a letter to Senate Republicans said he might block a floor vote on global AIDS legislation, CQ Today reports. The House passed its version of the measur

'Every 27 Hours A Health Visitor Job Is Being Lost'

Unite/CPHVA highlight continuing decline in latest NHS workforce figures Every 27 hours a full-time health visitor job is being lost, despite government exhortations that more health visi

NPA Statement In Response To Government's White Paper, UK

The NPA welcomes today's White Paper - a statement of faith in community pharmacy by Government. The White Paper signals that it's time to unlock the long recognised potential of community pharmac

Minister Hoctor Launches CARDI (Centre For Ageing Research In Ireland) And Their Strategic Plan 2008 - 2011

Máire Hoctor T.D. Minister for Older People launched CARDI, (The Centre for Ageing Research in Ireland) and their Strategic Plan 2008-2011. Today's launch in Farmleigh House is a follow on from t

'Microenvironment' Of Human Breast Tumors Primes Them For Metastasis

The environment within primary breast tumors can empower cells that break free and enter the bloodstream to successfully invade other organs, researchers report in the April 4th Cell, a p

Michigan Faces Physician Shortfall, Survey Finds

Forty-one percent of Michigan's 40,000 licensed physicians do not plan to continue practicing medicine 10 years from now, and 61% said that their practices are full or almost full, according to a

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